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Our team of dedicated and reliable professionals are experts in a wide range of services. We want to provide our clients with excellence, quality and a great service experience. We have the experience and results-oriented mindset you need.

concierge service

We offer our clients a very complete and exclusive concierge service, from small details to large orders.


We have a wide portfolio of hotel assets and properties for investors, buildings for rent, commercial premises, among others.


Design is one of our strong points, we adapt to the tastes and preferences of our clients, delivering sustainable, modern and efficient alternatives.


We take care of short or long term rentals and all the formalities involved, as well as the set-up and processes during the guests' stay, guaranteeing the security of the owner and the guest.


We are passionate about discovering diamonds in the rough and exploiting their full potential. That is why we have a team specialised in renovation projects. Whether for investment or for own use.

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We collaborate with a firm specialising in real estate transactions and other related matters, with its head office in Marbella, covering all the legal and tax consultancy demands of our select clients.


In collaboration with Eriksson Homes, we have a specialist law firm with years of experience and an international team to meet all the demands of our selected clients.

Our Experts

san martin

With studies in Chile in economics and business, she moved to the Costa del Sol in 2015, since then she has been dedicated to the real estate world where she has found her passion. With high customer orientation to meet all your needs and expectations.

+ 34 692 252 765





With a background in construction, he moved from southern Sweden in 2017, since when he has dedicated all his expertise to real estate. He is an expert in deciphering the essence of what our clients are looking for, and advising them in finding their dream home.

+34 684 217 924

+46 703514029



Why choose Eriksson Homes?

We are a company based on the Spanish Costa del Sol. With Swedish roots and an international team.
We have discovered the idyllic place to live in Europe. We arrived in Marbella in 2012, however, it has already become our home.

We have discovered our passion in the world of real estate, connecting buyers with sellers and offering them a close, professional but at the same time warm and friendly service, where our clients are part of this great community. Based on our experience, our clients recommend us because we know how to listen, and interpret what they are looking for when choosing a new home, whether it is an important, emotional purchase, a first home or a second home where they can travel to relax and enjoy the wonderful quality of life that the Costa del Sol has to offer. Its climate, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, its people, you will feel welcome and surrounded by very hospitable people who will make you feel at home. We want to help you to discover this paradise, and that you can be part of it with ERIKSSON HOMES.



We will be pleased to receive all your doubts and queries and support you with any of our services.

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